The Gaudinat family produces its champagne with the greatest respect for tradition and the environment. Thanks to this perseverance in combining quality and responsible and rational production, it has obtained the High Environmental Value label. To successfully carry out and further improve this sustainable production, Champagne J.P. Gaudinat is constantly looking for new eco-responsible processes.

The High Environmental Value (H.V.E.) certification is supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and therefore extends to the national scale. It comes from the “Grenelle 2 de l’environnement” (Grenelle 2 of the environment) set of laws. The requirements that High Environmental Value operations such as ours respect provide the guarantees expected by our consumers.

To be H.V.E. certified, the winegrower must meet a minimum number of criteria in four areas: biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilisation management and irrigation management.

A traditionally modern champagne

The Maison J.P. Gaudinat is the story of a family of winegrowers working in Champagne for 9 generations… An ancestral know-how that makes this family one of the oldest and most respected in the Marne Valley.


The Gaudinats have always cultivated their vines with passion, high standards and respect for noble and well-reasoned tradition.

Tony Gaudinat and his parents had the good fortune to inherit an exceptional estate in the Marne Valley. This 12-hectare vineyard includes the 3 main Champagne grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay. This diversity offers a rich range of champagnes for all tastes.


The Meunier accounts for approximately 65 percent of the vineyard, it is the most widespread grape variety of our region in particular for its rustic side, it also brings some suppleness in the flavours.

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir make up the rest of the vineyard. The first being the only white grape variety benefiting from the Champagne appellation and bringing freshness to the wines. The second adds power to them.

The 9th generation of the Gaudinat family is now represented by Tony, son of Jean-Pierre and Monique Gaudinat, who naturally took over the estate in 2004 after studying viticulture.

He strives, under the wise advice of his parents, to constantly improve his technicality, his know-how, the quality of his vines and his wine, in order to satisfy a prestigious, aesthetic and demanding clientele. While working with champagne in keeping with the tradition of Tony Gaudinat, he undertook to make the Maison J-P Gaudinat part of a sustainable viticulture that respects the environment.


Tony’s work is now recognised with the High Environmental Value (HVE) label .


Sabrina, his partner, recently arrived on the farm and joined him in order to share the family spirit that is so highly valued by the clientele. As luck would have it, she studied in the wine and spirits trade area. The daughter of farmers, she also inherited a love of land and heritage.


Located in the heart of the Marne Valley, a few kilometres from the capital of Champagne Epernay, the village of Festigny benefits from a unique landscape in the heart of the Champagne vineyards.

Vines as far as the eye can see in a setting that exudes tranquillity and the sweetness of life.

Surrounded by green hills in summer, red and ochre in autumn, this flowery village of Champagne also enjoys an exclusive historical heritage.

Its church of Saint Laurent (12th century) is one of the oldest and best preserved religious buildings in the region; its seven old wash houses, seven bridges and seven fountains give Festigny a historical charm.

The Neuville brook is situated at an altitude of 102 metres, it is the main river that crosses the commune. Festigny is also part of the Communauté de communes des Paysages de la Champagne (Community of municipalities of the Champagne Landscapes).


Maison Champagne J-P Gaudinat is located in Neuville, a hamlet in the village of Festigny. Like the village and the surrounding countryside, the Maison J-P Gaudinat strives to maintain the ancestral charm, authenticity and excellence that have earned the hills, houses and champagne cellars the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A 12 hectare farm that has been built, extended and improved over nine generations at the gates of the Champagne village of Festigny and beyond.

The Champagne J-P GAUDINAT Père & Fils cultivates the vine on different vintages and soils of the region, thus offering many nuances of aromas to everyone’s enjoyment!

J-P GAUDINAT Champagne has always valued quality in quantity. All this, while imposing a technical rigour, a presential requirement, and a desire for excellence at all times. But also by preferring to limit the volumes of bottles in order to guarantee the richest, densest cuvées.

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